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4 Awesome Spring Real Estate Postcards You Can Send

Hey Realtors! Want ready-to-go spring real estate postcards you can customize and send your clients and prospects?

Check out these 4 gorgeous designs: 

1. Send spring real estate postcards to appeal to 81% of prospects

According to a USPS Household Diary Study, 81% of Americans check their mail every single day…

Which VERY likely includes your prospects!

Here is a spring real estate postcard you can customize for your business:

spring real estate postcards

2. Grab the attention of 79% of prospects with spring real estate postcards

Yup, 79% of consumers find direct mail more useful and trustworthy than searching online for the same product or service…

Which means:

Sending spring real estate postcards will get noticed by your prospects —

Especially since 81% of people check their mail every single day (#1)!

Here’s a spring real estate postcard template you can use:

spring real estate postcard

3. Generate 750% more response with spring real estate postcards

If you’re doing any marketing this spring, here’s a stat to consider:

Direct mail generates a 750% better response than that of email.

So you’re likely to generate more leads (and ROI) from sending physical mail vs. just sending an email out or posting something on Facebook.

Here’s a spring real estate postcard design you can mail your prospects:

spring real estate marketing

4. Plug your logo into this spring real estate postcard

And send this beautiful design to your prospects!

spring realtor postcard

If there is ONE piece of realtor marketing advice recommended to generate the most response and ROI from your marketing it’s this:

Market consistently!

This means, with postcards, send them at least every month, if not every week.

Prospects need to see you many, many times (above your competition) in order to trust and contact you when they need you.

So there you have it!

Design and mail your own cards using the templates from this blog post! Click here to start designing now!