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Looking to mail to real estate postcards to bring in new listings? Our templates allow you to fully customize the cards including photos, logos and colors. You’ll be able to upload your own mailing list or select demographic options to purchase a mailing list. We’ll print and mail the cards for you starting at just 56 cents per piece, postage included!

Absentee Owner

Send postcards to absentee owners. Used to help with with unwanted tenants, vacant properties or tax issues.

ID: AO-1000
ID: AO-1001
ID: AO-1002


Mail postcards to a designated farm area to find prospects, either buyers or sellers.

ID: GF-1000
ID: GF-1004
ID: GF-1005

Just Listed

Let prospective buyers know about the homes or properties you just listed.

ID: JL-1000
ID: JL-1004
ID: JL-1009

Just Sold

Mail just sold postcards to prospective buyers or sellers.

ID: JS-1003
ID: JS-1142
ID: JS-1144

Open House

Let buyers know about your upcoming open house dates with postcards.

ID: OH-1046
ID: OH-1059
ID: OH-1062


Mail renter postcards to prospective buyers.

ID: RNT-1000
ID: RNT-1001
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