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6 Amazing Expired Listing Postcards You Can Send

Reach your prospects effectively and generate a response from your marketing with these 6 awesome expired listing postcards!

1. Send expired listing postcards where 81% of prospects look

According to a USPS Household Diary Study, 81% of Americans check their mail every single day!

Mailing expired listing postcards puts your marketing message where prospects already look:

The mailbox!

Here’s a ready-to-go design you can send:

expired listing postcard template

2. Receive 750% more response from your marketing

Believe it or not —

Direct mail generates a 750% better response than that of email!

So you’re likely to generate more leads (and properties sold!) from mailing expired listing postcards vs. just email marketing.

Here’s a design you can customize for your business:

expired listing postcard template

3. Plug your photo into this expired listing postcard template

Prospects love seeing the person behind the business name, and this is especially true for businesses that are up close and personal (finances, real estate, housing, etc.).

Personalize your marketing and stand out from your competition with this expired listing postcard template:

expired listing marketing

4. Personalize your expired listing marketing for 135% more response

Taking your expiring listing marketing and personalizing with your headshot and logo can increase your response by up to 135%.

Here’s a design you can customize:

expired listing marketing

5. Provide an irresistible FREE offer to attract 219 leads

I think you’d be surprised at what special offers can do!

In fact:

One of my real estate clients mailed 6,000 postcards and generated 219 interested leads!

Mail attractive expired listing postcards like this one:

expired listing marketing

6. Send prospects postcards to generate a 1,484% return on investment

When your prospects receive an expired listing postcard like this one, they’ll definitely spot the bright colors from the mail stack!

expired listing postcard template

We have real estate clients who’ve used postcards to grow their business (and bottom line!).

Here’s just one example:

When one client of ours mailed postcards for their marketing campaign, they generated a 1,484% return on investment!

See their mailing list strategy AND the actual postcard used here.

So there you have it! 6 ready-to-use expired listing postcards you can send to grow your business

Design and mail your own cards using the templates from this blog post! Click here to start designing now!