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3 Berkshire Hathaway Postcards You Can Send: Farming, Just Sold, Just Listed

If you’ve ever had trouble acquiring business as a Berkshire Hathaway agent, you just need to find a better way to inject your business into the local community.

Try direct mail! Unlike other kinds of marketing, it can target very specific consumers, meaning none of your advertising dollars are wasted reaching unqualified eyes!

Use one of these Berkshire Hathaway postcards to put your business directly in the hands of potential clients.

1. Reassure clients of your expertise with a farming postcard

berkshire hathaway farming postcard

Dealing with real estate is a massive part of anyone’s life. They need reassurance that your services will really help them!

I know you’ve been real estate agency billboards and digital ads. While these do get the message into the community, they aren’t really reassuring anyone of anything.

Postcards have the unique ability to deliver a marketing message directly to potential clients. All of our postcards feature marketing copy built for conversions!

2. Include a previous review to build social proof with this just sold postcard

berkshire hathaway just sold postcard

Just because you’re getting your message in prospects’ hands doesn’t mean they’ll believe it at first.

Social proof is an important part of marketing – it works to ease people’s worries by setting an example of what their experience using you as an agent would look like.

5-star reviews are perfect for building this credibility. Include it with your postcard to double down on your marketing messaging!

3. Pull the entire message together with key components of this just listed postcard

berkshire hathaway just listed postcard

The final piece of the puzzle to reassure potential clients you’re the real deal is adding a couple more items.

For one, include a headshot of yourself alongside your name. This personalization gives your advertising a more human feel and makes people feel more at ease.

If you’re looking to acquire listings, put pictures of your best ones on the front. Even if they’re too expensive for some, they may find a cheaper option off of the card that suits them!

So there you have it!

Design and mail your own cards using the templates from this blog post! Click here to start designing now!

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