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3 Thanksgiving Real Estate Postcards You Can Send

Hey realtors! Holiday marketing isn’t just for retailers to capitalize on Black Friday. It’s an opportunity for you to raise awareness for your business, separate yourself from your competition, and generate some buzz through indulging in the festivities.

Generate some buzz for your real estate agency, and try out one of these postcards this Thanksgiving season!

1. Win over 59% of consumer business with personalized postcards

thanksgiving realtor postcard

Salesforce reports that 59% of consumers say personalized engagement based on past interactions with a company is “very important” in winning their business.

There may be no better way to personalize advertising than with a customized postcard! You can include a professional photo of you and your staff (or you and your family if you’re a one-person team) to give your advertising a more personal touch.

In addition, the tangibility of postcards makes them naturally more personal than any kind of digital messaging.

2. Stay in the back of consumers minds for 17 days with a physical postcard

real estate thanksgiving postcard

While an email containing a holiday message may be cheaper than a postcard, it also is much more forgettable.

Just think about the last several emails you’ve read. Do you remember what they said? Probably not, unless they were delivering some significant news.

If you’re like me and many others, you don’t immediately throw a postcard away. You pin it to the fridge or place it with other frivolous paper documents until you need it.

When comparing the benefits of email vs direct mail, a study identified several benefits direct mail has over email marketing, including a longer shelf-life (17 days versus two-second email views), improved branding and message-retention, as well as being less likely to be viewed as spam.

3. Ensure 80-90% of your marketing efforts are seen with direct mail

thanksgiving template for real estate postcard

Since email is more likely to be viewed as spam, it also is far less likely to be opened.

While 80-90% of direct mail is at least read or scanned, only 20-30% of emails are opened. This means your email efforts to connect with customers this holiday season were lost in an endless wave of spam.

Try one of these postcards this holiday season to really feel the direct mail difference!

Design and mail your own cards using the templates from this blog post! Click here to start designing now!

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