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10 Genius Real Estate Investor Postcards You Can Send

Hey Real Estate Investors! Want to send postcards for real estate investors to your prospects?

Here are 10 you can customize for your business in just a couple clicks!

1. Grab prospects’ attention immediately with this 100% personalized postcard

It’s hard to miss this bright yellow letter postcard:

Yellow Letter Postcards


Prospects pay attention to their first name ([[FirstName]]), and your phone number circled in red will entice them to call you!

2. Send this can’t-miss-it ‘we buy houses’ postcard for more leads

This ‘we buy houses’ postcard is ready to be customized to YOUR business and mailed out!

We Buy Houses Cash Postcards

3. Send a hyper-personalized yellow postcard for real estate

When prospects see your postcard and think it’s handwritten, believe it or not —

They take a second look and read it!

Here’s another handwritten yellow letter postcard you can send in just a few clicks:

Yellow Postcards Real Estate

4. Receive a 14,194% ROI from your ‘we buy houses cash’ postcards

Results from targeted realtor direct mail campaigns can be game-changing for your business!

We Buy Houses Cash Postcards

Take this case study example:

A few CA real estate brokers closed 5 deals after just 2 months of mailing postcards…

And they averaged $260,000 in revenue EACH!

Not bad, right?

5. Mail this eye-catching ‘we buy houses’ postcard to stand out from your competition

The real estate industry experiences slow-downs (like any industry), but if you keep your real estate marketing going, you’ll remain top of mind for when(ever) your prospects DO need you!

Try mailing this warm and friendly ‘we buy houses’ postcard template:

We Buy Houses Postcard Template

6. Generate leads with this real estate wholesaling postcard

Want to generate more listings?

Send out this real estate investor postcard:

Real Estate Investors Postcard Templates

7. Blanket an entire neighborhood— or zip code— with this design

Mailing hundreds of your real estate investor postcards will surely get your business seen above your competition.

Real Estate Investors Postcard Templates

The most important element is consistency!

8. Promote your business with real estate wholesaling postcards

Offering a free consultation will surely get prospects calling in for your expertise!

Postcards for Real Estate Investors

9. Offer a cash offer with this yellow postcard for real estate

Prospects needing your help will not ignore this bright yellow design which appears handwritten!

Yellow Postcards Real Estate

10. Reach prospects with this classic customizable yellow postcard for real estate

Here’s another proven-to-work design:

Yellow Postcards Real Estate


The meat and potatoes of your real estate marketing is your mailing list…

So don’t skimp on your mailing list — the more targeted you can make it to your ideal client, the better.

Design and mail your own real estate investor postcards using the templates from this blog post! Click here to start designing now!

Design and mail your own cards using the templates from this blog post! Click here to start designing now!

My Real Estate Postcards