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28 Awesome Real Estate Farming Postcards You Can Send

If you’ve found your way here, you must be looking for a better way to farm your local area for real estate business.

Become the go-to real estate resource in your community with one of these postcard templates!


1. Just plug in your logo and you’re ready to farm for real estate

real estate farming

These templates are as easy as that! Just enter your personal info and you’re ready to farm your local market.


2.  Reach 98% of consumers with your messaging

realtor farming

The reality of marketing is that most of the time, your messaging might not reach who it needs to.

Email deliverability is declining, people might miss billboards, and the overall population is developing a serious case of digital ad blindness.

But direct mail? 98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it’s delivered.


3.  Stay in the back of recipients’ minds for 17 days

real estate farming postcard

For the most part, many kinds of marketing follow the old adage “in one year and right out the other”; as soon as you’re done viewing it, you forget about it.

Just think – can you name the last marketing message you’ve seen? I sure can’t.

Since direct mail is a physical object, they possess the ability to be stored so the recipient can circle back to it later. While an email’s lifespan is only a few seconds, direct mail’s average lifespan is 17 days.


4.  Put some of your most sought after properties on the front to attract attention

realtor farming postcard

Display your most prominent listings on the front of the postcard to spark an interest in your agency.

Even if they can’t afford those particular properties, they may just stick around to see what else you have to offer!


5.  Utilize a bold color scheme to grab the recipient’s attention

real estate farming postcard template

While most people get their mail every day, all is for naught if your piece doesn’t stand out against all of the other mail.

Help your postcards stand out by using bright colors!


6.  Use an offer to make your service more valuable

realtor farming postcard template

Sometimes, all it takes for people to pull the trigger on reaching out to you is a valuable offer of some kind.

Get creative; you could offer free professional staging, cut down on closing costs, set up virtual tours of the home, whatever helps your agency stand out!


7.  Make your marketing more memorable with direct mail

template for real estate farming

Studies show that, when compared to digital advertising, direct mail is proven to have more influence. Participants in the study spent more time with mail ads and could recall them quicker.


8.  Make a more personal connection with 67% of recipients

template for realtor farming

Personalization is an essential component of marketing today, and 67% of people feel that mail is more personal than the internet.

They can feel it in their hands, and this added sensory bonus helps you stick out against the competition!


9.  Add a face shot of yourself to give your postcard a more human feel

postcard template for real estate farming

To double down on the personalization of postcards, include a photo of yourself or your family.

This lets recipients know that you’re not one of the corporate big guys. Just their friendly local neighborhood realtor!


10. Gain the trust of 76% of consumers with direct mail

postcard template for realtor farming

The tangible nature of direct mail marketing really makes an impression on people. 76% of people believe direct mail is the most trustworthy information channel when making a purchase decision.


11. Give 55% of recipients something to look forward to with a beautiful postcard

direct mail realtor farming

55% of people reported looking forward to discovering the mail they receive.

They’ll really be smiling if they’re in the market for real estate!


12. Provide multiple forms of contact to give recipients the easiest route to reach out

direct mail real estate farming

It’s no secret that younger generations prefer other methods of contact than a phone call.

Provide them with every avenue possible to reach out; by phone, email, and website!


13. Utilize variable data to personalize your farming postcard

direct mail template realtor farming

Variable data printing allows you to address every recipient by their name, which helps you truly grab their attention.

You can even include a Google street view of their home when looking for listings!


14. Show off 5-star reviews to build credibility

direct mail template real estate farming

Building rapport with your community is important.

Put your best 5-star review on the front of your postcard to let people know you provide a quality real estate service.


15. Give recipient’s an idea of what their future living room could look like with staged pictures

farming postcard real estate

You don’t have to always show the outside of your listings to get people’s attention. Show them the dream living room that they’ve always wanted with beautifully staged images!


16. Use a direct headline and subheadline for your real estate farming postcards

farming postcard realtor

This is a critical component of every postcard. It immediately communicates the card’s message to the recipient.

Bonus points for headlines that are speaking directly to the card’s holder. Another way to personalize your messaging!


17. When possible, make guarantees about your real estate services

farming postcard template

Giving a service guarantee helps combat buyer’s remorse, which is an issue every realtor runs into.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not overpromise. If you can’t follow through with a guarantee, it will only hurt your business in the long run.


18. Utilize a layout that will make your real estate farming postcards more readable

farming direct mail template

When writing the copy for your postcard, try to avoid long and blocky paragraphs. People tend to scan over these and not read them.

Opt for some bullet points instead, making the information presented super accessible.


19. Point out the pain points of property management


template farming direct mail

If your primary goal is to acquire listings, try this real estate farming postcard.

Running a rental property can truly be more trouble than it’s worth for some people. Remind them with a postcard that you can help alleviate this burden!


20. Utilize a hyper-targeted mailing list to reach only the most qualified prospects

template farming postcard

The distinct advantage of direct mail is that you can select who sees it on an individual level.

For example, if you’re looking to acquire listings, you can purchase a mailing list of people in the area that have a higher probability to be looking for something new. You could target new parents looking to upgrade, older couples looking for less housework, or people that have been in their home for 5+ years.


21. Prompt recipients to reach out with a Call to Action

farming postcard templates

Make sure every postcard you send out has a proper Call to Action (CTA) to guide recipients to the next actionable steps.


22. Include the benefits of your real estate services

farming direct mail templates

Putting what makes your service different from others is important in real estate marketing since everyone provides a very similar service.

What makes yours unique? Include it in your postcard copy!


23. Use this real estate farming postcard to drive responses more efficiently than digital means

template postcard real estate farming

Postcards drive people to action more than digital – this is just a fact.

This study found direct mail is easier to remember, better at persuading and is more likely to drive behavior. 


24. Use a “handwritten” font to personalize your real estate farming postcard

template postcard realtor farming

People form a connection to copy that seems to be handwritten. Remember that personally connecting with recipients is important for marketing success!


25. Drive the point home that you’re a trustworthy realtor

template postcard for real estate farming

Outside of providing 5-star reviews, you can build rapport by simply starting in your postcard copy that you’re a trustworthy recipient!


26. Show your listings with this geometric design

template postcard for realtor farming

This is a great way to creatively showcase four available properties!


27. Showcase your previous work to solidify your professionalism

real estate template farming

If you have the hard data to back it up, include it with your statement that you’re a successful realtor! Nothing is more convincing than hard facts.


28. Proudly list any real estate achievements or awards

realtor template farming

If your agency has earned a certain accolade, proudly show it off with a postcard!

And there you have it! Those are 28 real estate agent farming postcards you can use to grow your business.

Design and mail your own cards using the templates from this blog post! Click here to start designing now!

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