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3 Coldwell Banker Real Estate Postcards You Can Send: Just Listed, Just Sold, Farming

As a Coldwell Banker franchisee, you have over a century of real estate experience on your side.

Direct mail has been a part of our storied tradition for years – try using one of these Coldwell Banker Real Estate postcards to accomplish your goals!

1. Use this farming postcard to advertise in a more personal way

coldwell banker farming postcard

67% of people feel that mail is more personal than the internet.

And with personalization becoming such a critical component of marketing, it would be smart to make your marketing efforts as personable as possible!

2. Reach 81% of prospects with this just listed postcard

coldwell banker just listed postcard

As much as we’d like to think all of our advertising is reaching prospects, this is just not what happens.

A 25% open rate is extremely good for email – meaning the other 75% of your emails went to waste.

81% of people reported checking their mail every day; meaning that 81% of your advertising will reach prospects!

3. Stay in the back of prospects minds with this just sold postcard

coldwell banker just sold postcard

One of the biggest advantages of postcards is their ability to sit around.

Any form of display advertising, digital or physical, is just several seconds.

While the average lifespan of an email is 17 seconds, direct mail’s average lifespan of 17 days.

They may not decide to act immediately, but after consideration, they may after a week or so!

So there you have it!

Design and mail your own cards using the templates from this blog post! Click here to start designing now!

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