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Three Century 21 Postcards You Can Send: Just Listed, Just Sold, Farming

Being a Century 21 affiliate is a great step towards success; you have instant brand recognition across the country, including 85 other countries and territories worldwide.

However, real estate is an ultra-competitive industry; you need to do something different to stand out. You may even have other local Century 21 affiliates to stack up against!

In a neuromarketing study comparing the effects of digital ads to physical ones, like postcards, the results showed that they remembered the physical ads more quickly and confidently, in addition to creating a longer-lasting impact.

This is important for real estate agents! When people see an initial real estate advertisement, they may not be ready to pull the trigger; buying or selling a home is a pivotal decision in anyone’s life.

Use one of these Century 21 postcard templates to stay in the back of recipient’s minds for when they’re ready!

1. Advertise Just Listed Century 21 Properties and grab the attention of 46% of consumers

century 21 just listed postcard

Being a part of a global franchise has its benefits.

Consumers claim that they are 46% more likely to respond to an offer from a familiar company.

Use this to your advantage with a Century 21 postcard!

2. Build social proof with Just Sold postcards

century 21 just sold postcard

Sometimes, people need more than a brand name to entrust realtors with their business.

Social proof, essentially, is evidence coming from previous clients that you can do what you say you can; buy and sell houses. It’s important to combat the fear of buyer’s remorse.

The perfect way to create social proof in real estate is by sending out Just Sold postcards. These prove you can get the job done!

3. Include photos of yourself to appeal to 71% of recipients

century 21 farming postcard

Adding photos of yourself on the postcard gives your ads a much more human, personalized touch.

Since 71% of consumers become frustrated when an interaction with an advertisement or business is impersonal, this is an important step in gaining their trust!

And there you have it; three Century 21 postcards!

Design and mail your own cards using the templates from this blog post! Click here to start designing now!

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